Don't just switch, Control

Poly Expressive is a foot controller that gives you more fluid, musical control than ever before. Do you want something that switches between 20 presets with clear labels? Easy. Want much more including X Y pads and pressure sensitive controls? It does that too, and it’s all easy to set up with our setup app. Simply print your board from the app and slide it into the sleeve.

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Expressive control of pedals from Chase Bliss, Eventide, Pigtronix, Strymon and more, amps from Kemper, Positive Grid, Peavey and Hughes and Kettner as well as software like Ableton and Bitwig, all without having to take you hands off the instrument. Poly uses top quality components like Switchcraft jacks and lets you express more with your feet.

Responds to Position and Pressure

Poly Expressive isn’t a 1 dimensional controller like an expression or wah pedal. Instead, it senses horizontal and vertical position and pressure at very high precision and low latency, giving you much more control with every movement. You can also customise the curve / taper of each of control. Imagine that you want to control a filter but only half of the range of the control knob suits your style. It’s easy to setup to have just the section you want.


Amps are great with MIDI control too. We test extensively with Hughes and Kettner, Peavey, and Positive Grid products. We also support the Line 6 Helix, Axe FX and Kemper Profiler. Easily control any setting or change between presets.

Easy to set up

Setting up some pedals or amps with MIDI can require reading the possibly confusing manual to find CC numbers, and what they mean. Not any more! With Poly you can just select the pedals and their controllers will appear in the app. Instead of looking up that sending value 3 selects Fuzz, just select Fuzz from the drop down. The setup app runs on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux.

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